We are looking for teachers of coding!

We are looking for IT teachers in 4 voivodships (5 NUTS) in Poland. An ideal candidate would have a proven experience in programming Scratch / ScratchJR as well as building and coding Lego WeDo robots. Also, we are looking for people who would be willing to travel during the day in their own car! Details are below:

Request for an Offer: 20171117_Zapytanie_ofertowe_Umowa_trenerzy

Offer template: 20171117_FREE_Trenerzy_Formularz_Ofertowy

Details for each of the NUTS:

  • https://bazakonkurencyjnosci.gov.pl/publication/view/1069297
  • https://bazakonkurencyjnosci.gov.pl/publication/view/1063027
  • https://bazakonkurencyjnosci.gov.pl/publication/view/1069295
  • https://bazakonkurencyjnosci.gov.pl/publication/view/1069292
  • https://bazakonkurencyjnosci.gov.pl/publication/view/1069284

In case of questions do not hesitate to contact us!