Accessibility Guidelines in the CMI Project

As part of the project “Center of Programming Excellence” Lodz Politechnique published guidelines concerning accessibility as part of the law that entered into force on 4 of April 2019 requiring public bodies to create accessible websistes. Below are guidelines reporoduced verbatim in English (using Google Translate):

1. All graphic elements should be described with concise alternative text.
2. Avoid animated elements, moving texts, etc.
3. All sound files (programs, interviews, lectures) should be supplemented with text transcription.
The players of these files posted on the site will be operated using the keyboard and available
for the blind.
4. All video files should be supplemented with subtitles for the deaf. Players should be
available for blind people and people using only the keyboard.
5. All multimedia and Flash files should be available or made available in an alternative form.
6. PDF, Word and other popular downloads should be prepared as available.
7. The texts published on the website should be written as easily as possible.
8. Texts should be published in a legible way - divided into paragraphs, lists and other sections.
9. Navigation should be consistent, logical and unchanging within the website, accessible from the keyboard.
10. All active elements, such as links, banners or form fields should be explicit
visual focus.
11. All references should be unique and understandable, also out of context.
12. There should be improvements in the form of "skip links", ie the ability to go directly to content
single page.
13. Color contrast of all elements transmitting content (texts, links, banners)
or functional should have an appropriate ratio of text brightness to the background.
14. Pages and other tools can be significantly enlarged with browser tools.
15. All page titles should be unique and inform about the content of the subpage on which it is found
16. All subpages should be based on headings.
17. Use lists to organize content in texts or navigation elements
unordered and ordered.
18. The page language and language of foreign fragments will be specified by the lang attribute.
19. Quotes should be properly highlighted - at least in quotation marks.
20. The code for services and other electronic tools should comply with the standards. Tables should not
be used as a page design element.
21. Tables for the transfer of data should be built as simply as possible and have
22. All frames should be properly titled.
23. All scripts and applets should be accessible to the blind and users only
from the keyboard.
24. Forms, including search engine form, should be built according to standards.
All form fields and buttons will be properly described.
25. Electronic services and tools should be available in browsers and devices turned off
CSS support.