The essence of AI and liability for the damage it causes

On May 28, 2021, we took part in the conference where we presented the paper "The essence of AI and liability for the damage it causes" as part of the National Scientific Conference on New Technologies Law ELSA Łódź.

At the end of April 2021, the European Commission published a draft EU regulation on liability for damages caused by AI (Artificial Intelligence Act). The regulation not only defines artificial intelligence broadly, including both old artificial intelligence based on languages, such as PROLOG and LISP, as well as modern AI, developed mainly on the basis of machine learning and neural networks, coded in Python and R. , the draft regulation provides for a number of bans on the use of AI for specific applications. For example, the so-called AI social scoring, i.e. artificial intelligence used for the purposes of profiling citizens, is to be completely banned after the entry into force of the regulation.