Project “Mobile application for digital signatures available for people with visual disabilities”

In connection with the signing of an agreement with the National Center for Research and Development for the implementation of a joint project entitled TANGO-V-A / 0041 / 2021-00 “Mobile application for digital signatures available for visually impaired people” selected in the 5th TANGO, FREE competition announces the procedure to select experts who will help to implement the project. Details will be available on the Beneficiary’s website here.

The subject of the project is to develop a commercialization model for a digitally available mobile application for creating digital signatures, which is also an alternative to the existing solutions for signing electronic documents in Poland. After conducting basic research with a strong component of empirical research on digital accessibility, and thanks to the experience of working on this project with a blind person, the Applicant defined the problem of signing and participating in the economic turnover of people with visual disabilities, choosing a mobile application as the direction of activities and, within this application, , selected in nodal examples of functionalities, the practical implementation of which would require the use of cryptographic techniques (including biometrics) and machine learning (artificial intelligence, AI; functionalities such as text correction, partially automatic text organization and formatting, automatic translation, narratives-descriptions generated for shared users visual elements, adaptation of readers and OCR to the specific needs of digital education, techniques of writing notes and searching them for better knowledge management by a blind person, a system of reminders and tips informing about the needs oh blind people, available calendars and methods of logging in).

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