Zapraszamy na szkolenie z dostępności cyfrowej

Training date: September 22, 2022 as part of Beck Akademia – Speaker: Prof. Kozminski University, Ph.D. Przemysław Polański, Mec. Ewa Fabian, Monika Cieniewska, MA


Possibility to ask questions during the online training
Access to the lecturer’s presentation after the training
Certificate of participation in PDF
Free 2-week access to the Legalis system: Premium module Public intellectual property law

What is the training about?

EU Member States have committed public sector bodies to take the necessary measures to increase the accessibility of their websites and mobile applications by making them more visible, functional, understandable and reliable.

Everyone has the right to request a public entity to provide digital accessibility of the indicated website, mobile application, their elements, including elements that are digitally unavailable due to excessive costs, or to make it available through an alternative method of access.

With a view to improving the functioning of the internal market, Directive 2102/2016 aims to approximate the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States regarding accessibility requirements for the websites of public sector bodies and their mobile applications, making those websites and mobile applications more accessible to users, especially for people with disabilities.

During the training you will learn what the Directive and the Digital Accessibility Act is, WCAG standards and the obligation to provide an alternative method of access. We will also discuss the basic principles of WCAG from a technical perspective.

Who is the training intended for?

The training can be a source of knowledge both for public administration employees, as well as for advocates and legal advisers. The training is addressed to persons coordinating activities in the field of digital accessibility in public administration and local government bodies as well as education. Information from the training will also be useful for people (departments) dealing with the application of the Public Procurement Law in administration – in terms of creating descriptions of the subject of the contract. The training is also addressed to representatives of institutions dealing with the creation and dissemination of information (publishing houses, media) and IT companies dealing with the adaptation of websites and mobile applications to the requirements of regulations.

We guarantee the highest expert level!

We are lawyers and we know your needs. Therefore, our speakers are:

Prof. Kozminski University, Ph.D. Przemysław Polański – President of the Foundation for the Development of Electronic Education. Expert in the field of new technologies law and legal informatics.

Monika Cieniewska – expert in the field of digital accessibility, including fair use for the disabled, long-term director of the library for the blind of the Polish Association of the Blind.