Recruitment: “Mobile application for digital signatures available for people with visual disabilities”

In connection with the signing of an agreement with the National Center for Research and Development for the implementation of a joint project entitled TANGO-V-A / 0041 / 2021-00 “Mobile application for digital signatures available for visually impaired people” selected in the 5th TANGO, FREE  announces the competitive procedure to select experts who will help to implement the project. The subject of the project is to develop a commercialization model for a digitally available mobile application for creating digital signatures, which is also an alternative to the existing solutions for signing electronic documents in Poland. Details will be available on the Beneficiary’s website here.

In this project, the business expert will be responsible for consulting on key issues required at the business model development stage, which requires consideration at an early stage of, among other things, legal issues concerning regulations in the area of digital signature, protection of users’ personal data (including biometrics, privacy by design), analysis of business assumptions in the highly legally regulated (EU and national law) digital signature sector; would develop a business plan and be responsible for draft agreements with investors, NDA agreements for the use of talks held during the project implementation, analysis of legal and business risks for the use of investors. A university degree (law, economics or management), the content of the resume and an interview with the Project Manager will determine the candidate’s acceptance into the project.

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