Interview on web accessibility by Ewa Fabian

In the latest online interview, attorney Ewa Fabian discusses the key issues related to the implementation of the directive on digital accessibility in Poland. Our research has confirmed that a large number of entities have still not implemented the digital accessibility assumptions provided for in the provisions of the Digital Accessibility Act. Courts in Poland have digitally accessible websites, but the education system looks much worse. We are still far from the USA, where there are very high penalties for the lack of digital accessibility. The key issue is the proper implementation of WCAG 2.1 principles and testing websites both automatically and by human. The interview is not only about digital accessibility – there is also a bit about Jan Brzechwa’s project …

Today (26/7/2021) is also the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, one of the most effective laws in the world to combat discrimination against people with disabilities. This law plays a huge role in enforcing the WCAG standard and digital accessibility – also from some private entities – in the US. In our research, which is the basis for our training in the area of ​​the right to accessibility, we treat the American jurisdiction as an important point of reference for EU and Polish solutions.

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