Upcoming: Webinar on content regulation in the world of Metaverse

Please join us for a webinar scheduled on 14 November 2023 at 16:00 as we delve into the intricate legal dilemmas faced by providers of metaverse services when catering to European Union citizens. The challenge of content moderation has persisted since the advent of Web 2.0. Mechanisms designed to manage complaints regarding illegal or harmful content, such as notice-and-takedown or notice-and-action procedures in the United States and the EU, have evolved over time.

Our primary focus will center around the application of the Digital Services Act (DSA) to internet platforms that offer metaverse-like experiences. Currently, these platforms enjoy conditional exemption from liability under Article 14 of the E-commerce Directive and are relieved of the obligation to actively monitor illegal activities under Article 15. However, the recent enactment of Article 17 of the DSM Directive has ushered in changes that have disrupted the landscape of safe harbors, creating potential gaps in the otherwise comprehensive approach to the liability of hosting service providers for content posted by their users.

During this webinar, we will address some key questions, including:

  • Are platforms providing metaverse services considered hosting service providers under the E-commerce Directive and DSA?
  • Do metaverses fall under the category of online service providers as defined by the DSA?
  • Can metaverse platform providers still take advantage of the safe harbor provisions?
  • What challenges might arise with the implementation of the Notice-and-Action mechanism outlined in the DSA?
  • What are the obligations of online platform providers when it comes to blocking content or suspending metaverse user accounts?
  • How will online dispute resolution take shape in the realm of metaverse, given the obligations imposed by the DSA?
  • What other legal instruments must be considered from the perspective of content moderation in the metaworlds?

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to gain insights into the complex legal landscape of the metaverse and its connections to European regulations. Register now for our webinar, ‘Exploring Content Moderation Challenges in the Metaverse.’