(Polski) Aplikacja mobilna do podpisów cyfrowych dostępna dla osób z niepełnosprawnością wzroku

We have completed the project “Mobile application for digital signatures available to people with visual disabilities.” We managed to implement all the assumptions, including finding a partner for the development of the system. The subject of the project was to develop a commercialization model for a digitally available mobile application for creating digital signatures, which is also an alternative to existing solutions for signing electronic documents in Poland. After conducting basic research as part of a project of the National Science Center, and then a project financed by the National Center for Research and Development, we defined the problem of the inability to sign and participate in economic transactions for people with visual disabilities. As a course of action, we chose to assess the possibility of creating a mobile application for submitting digital signatures. We examined the market and the expectations of service users, and also analyzed the legal framework defining what should actually be taken into account when designing the application.